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Individual or Couple Sessions

My approach to working with clients  is an interactive one aimed at helping individuals and couples overcome blocks to a sense of satisfaction in both life and relationships. My approach does not avoid the hurdles, but supports clients and couples in learning to navigate and grow through conflict and challenges. 


I’ve had a passion for research and writing since I was a child, and I enjoy delving into new fields of research and following the results of my research with clients into uncharted territories of psychosocial development. Learn more about my work by checking out my current projects and past publications.


Group Sessions

Group therapy acts as an incredible and often accelerated mechanism for change.  Group members both support and challenge one another within the safety of a therapeutic container focused on developing emotional security with the self and others. For those of us who find that being in relationship to another is often what triggers our defenses, reactions, or vulnerabilities, group therapy offers a way to move through these challenges with guidance and support. Space is limited, and groups tend to form bonds, meaning membership can last years. Shorter term group series are at times available. If you are interested in joining a group, please reach out to me to see what options might be available.

Sema is compassionate, STRONG, easeful and fiercely loving in her presence. Core Energetics is clearly her life work and it is a true gift to be able to dive into this powerful body of work with her.

Mindfulness & Movement facilitator in RI

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