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discover what your body is telling you about your life and your relationships

a body-centered approach

Our ability to show up with full awareness and feeling is often limited by tension and emotional numbness. We get caught in chronic stress that represses our ability to feel vital and alive. Embodiment practices help us to give ourselves more freely and expressively to our work, our relationships, and our pursuits of growth and enjoyment.

Like other psychotherapeutic approaches, you and I will begin by talking about personal concerns and problems. From there, our work relates to your unique physical and postural responses to these issues. Tapping into this - often overlooked - world of information, you will unlock additional insight and understanding, and begin the transformation of shifting habitual patterns.

Body psychotherapists rely on their awareness of posture, movement, and breathing while remaining curious about how these may interact with the individual’s understanding of emotions and beliefs. Sessions may include breath-work  and body movements such as clapping, kicking, dancing, vocalizing, or any movement - small or large - that energizes the body and allows us to feel.

J. Sema Bruno, S-CCEP, S-LMFT

I have worked with new parents, couples, families, and at-risk youth in various settings for over two decades. I presently offer individual and family sessions for those who are ready to break through old, destructive patterns and pursue deeper satisfaction with life, career, and relationships.

Using Core Energetics and a systems approach, clients are offered a nurturing and adept container to thoroughly explore their lives and access a deeper realization of fulfillment. If you bring yourself sincerely to this work, I will help you to ground within the truth that you are the source of your own transformation.

The Body as an Ally uses primarily systems thinking, trauma-informed care, and Core Energetics while reaching into other schools of thought for continued growth and reference. I am presently a student practitioner of Core Energetics, in my final year of a four-year certificate program, while also pursuing a degree and license in Marriage and Family Therapy.


Sema has been a deeply intuitive guide and ally in the process of pinpointing and shifting old energetic/emotional patterns in service of both my own self-awakening as well as my ability to show up for others.

Mindfulness & Movement facilitator in RI

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